Can I be allowed to pay the arrearage on my Florida mortgage after a foreclosure has started?

Can a Foreclosure Happen After Bankruptcy Discharged the Debt? This is a very difficult concept for many people to understand. Several lawyer site profess having trouble getting clients to see the difference between a debt and its lien on an asset.

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The legal foreclosure process generally cant start during the first 120 days after youre behind on your mortgage. After that, once your servicer begins the legal process, the amount of time you have until an actual foreclosure sale varies by state.

Can my property in Florida be sold or re-financed if I am in the process of foreclosure?. Can I be allowed to pay the arrearage on my Florida mortgage after a foreclosure has started.

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If you have a home with a mortgage payment that you kept through your Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy you have probably wondered about: What will happen in the future if I cant make my mortgage payment?. Will the mortgage company be able to come after me if I cant pay my mortgage?. Does the bankruptcy protect me from having to repay the mortgage company if my house goes into foreclosure?

If you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments, the bank’s attorney will start a foreclosure lawsuit in court. They do this by filing a Complaint. After the case is filed, you will start to get a lot of junk mail. Beware of foreclosure rescue scams! The Sheriff or a process server delivers a copy of.

After a mortgage debt is discharged, the borrower can’t later be held responsible for repaying the deficiency. (In some states, lenders are able to sue homeowners for the difference between the outstanding mortgage debt and the foreclosure sale price and get a deficiency judgment-a personal judgment-against the borrower, but not if the.

In a Chapter 13 you will have to make the regular mortgage payment according the terms of the mortgage, pay the arrears and foreclosure costs. The bankruptcy attorney fees and the trustee has a 6% fee on every dollar in the plan. The Chapter 13 payment will be higher. If you can’t pay the regular mortgage, how can you pay more in a 13 plan? 11.