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Firebreak. A firebreak is a gap in vegetation or other combustible material that acts as a barrier to slow or stop the progress of a bushfire or wildfire. A firebreak may occur naturally where there is a lack of vegetation or " fuel ", such as a river, lake or canyon. Firebreaks may also be man-made, and many of these also serve as roads,

5 On 22 October 1992 Mr Murray minuted Mrs Virginia Bottomley, Secretary of State for Health, advising that on 15 October SEAC had discussed the case of CJD in a dairy farmer to the effect that the farmer had since died and that a diagnosis of typical CJD had been confirmed by pathology. SEAC had come to the conclusion that it seemed to be a typical sporadic case of CJD. [3]

Firebreak definition, a strip of plowed or cleared land made to check the spread of a prairie or forest fire. See more.

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Fire and Emergency New Zealand or FENZ means Fire and Emergency New Zealand continued under section 8. fire as a land management tool includes, firebreak means a natural or an artificial physical barrier against the spread of fire from or into any area of continuous flammable material.

Confidentiality is commonly applied to conversations between doctors and patients. legal protections prevent physicians from revealing certain discussions with patients, even under oath in court. [4] This physician-patient privilege only applies to secrets shared between physician and patient during the course of providing medical care.

Environmental regulation by government is structurally incapable of satisfying its mandate. The present invention is an alternative, free-market management system designed to deliver a superior product, at lower cost, with an insured guarantee, and without regulatory oversight by government. The system uses an insured, certified best-practice form of process certification that objectively.

Recent Examples of firebreak from the Web. On Tuesday, firefighters from multiple agencies cut down trees with chainsaws, sprayed water and used shovels to create a firebreak to keep the fire from reaching multimillion-dollar homes. Neighborhoods can be buffered by seawalls for storm surges, levees for floods, firebreaks for wildfires.

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