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Cretaceous strata of this study in Kansas include the Cheyenne Sandstone, Kiowa Formation, Dakota Formation, and Graneros Shale (Figure 7.2). These are unconformable on the Jurassic Morrison Formation in most of the subsurface.

We present a comprehensive estimate of the phylogenetic relationships in the order, based on sequence data from six of its seven. other during the formation of the Tethys Sea in the early.

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Lower to Middle Cretaceous by J. Haas To study the Lower to Middle Cretaceous cropping out in the Smeg hrst area is important from both stratigraphic and paleogeographic viewpoints, as the nearest known outcrop of formations of

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During the early part of the Cretaceous Period the supercontinent of Pangaea continued to break up, owing to movements deep in the Earth’s mantle. Initially North America and Europe pulled apart, opening up the North Atlantic Ocean, and by the end of the early Cretaceous, South America and Africa also began to cleave apart to form the South.

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In the upper Santonian to uppermost maastrichtian section (85 to 67 Ma), second- and third-order sea-level changes owing to eustacy and third- and fourth-order sea-level changes owing to both local and regional tectonic events are recognized. Effects of second-order eustatic change are gross changes in depositional strike and systematic variations maximum clastic sedimentation rate.