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Dr Kevin Bonham: 2016 – The federal election and its post-count events basically swamp everything else. senate reform performance reviews maintained a high level of reader interest through to mid-August and after that the rest of the year was quieter, with little spikes for the ACT and NT elections.

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POLITICAL CORRECTNESS WATCH – pcwatch.blogspot.com –  · But privacy campaigners last night condemned the forms. Alex Deane, of Big Brother Watch, described it as ‘an unbelievable intrusion into private life’. He said: ‘The state doesn’t bring up children, parents do. There is an important distinction between teaching and nannying – or even bullying – and this steps way over the mark.’

Insight: If the act goes, who tackles offensive behaviour. –  · Football supporters, lawyers, opposition politicians and civil rights campaigners questioned both the principle and the workability of the Act.

Patrick Derham – Westminster School – The thing most campaigners miss about canvassing is that it more of a listening opportunity than a talking opportunity. If you just simply listen to people, write down and follow through on what they told you, you will make friends everywhere you go. I used to hate canvassing for the exact same reasons as you and now it my favorite part of the job.

aangirfan: 09/01/2012 – 10/01/2012 – In Chapter 4, stewart goetz argues that common sense sees us as agents, in other words, people with souls. When examining neurological experiments, we should not assume that only physical stimuli are affecting the mind. The materialists have problems explaining reasons, desires and beliefs.


View From the Racetrack Grandstand: June 2013 – Friday Miscellanery. Great news for RUS racing. On the biggest night of racing, short of Breeders Crown night), there will be a RUS event at Pocono Downs to kick-off the RUS season for 2013. It is an endorsement of RUS racing that Pocono Downs will off the event on a marquee evening.

Journey of Hope.From Violence to Healing Blog: October 2011 – Unfortunately, the inherent subjectivity of these matters means that, though this may be true in the minds of believers, such a statement is syllogistically false. There are those who may accept their hypocrisy, and instead argue the point that, regardless of the cognitive dissonance associated with execution’s logical inconsistencies, the.

Talk:Donald Trump/Archive 1 – Wikipedia – Environmental groups and local campaigners opposed the bid, because of he future of the sand dunes but business leaders supported the would-be world-class golfing Mecca. Trump flew announced that: "It will be the greatest golf course anywhere in the world; There’ll be nothing even close.