Florida Lawmakers Aim to Speed Up Foreclosures

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A foreclosure sign hangs in front of a home. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images) Worried by spiraling home foreclosures, Minnesota lawmakers are considering bills that would help those on the brink hang onto their homes, disentangle renters from foreclosure fallout and speed up the sale of vacant, abandoned houses.

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Norquist urged Florida lawmakers to reject the importation bill: “Focusing on quick fixes to temporarily reduce prices so that in the future there are fewer new drugs, that’s not only a bad idea that would damage healthcare, hurt healthcare outcomes, and make us less healthy – but it.

On the eve of a big rally meant to rescue the ailing Wekiva River, a couple of state lawmakers are calling for a renewed effort to restore and purify the Central Florida river’s source. much.

In a state that has seen more innocent people exonerated from death row than any other in the country, lawmakers last year passed legislation to try to speed up the pace of executions. and here at.

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Florida’s governor signed a much-discussed foreclosure bill friday, enacting a series of provisions aimed at speeding up the default process in the state.While the legislation is.

High-speed hearings such as. of Integra Realty Resources, a Florida-based consultancy. Florida’s legislature assigned $9.6m this year to set up foreclosure courts, labelled “rocket dockets”, with.

She said her top priority for the next two years is blunting Florida’s high rate of home foreclosures, as well as promoting other projects, such as completion of an overdue Orlando hospital for.

 · With Florida atop or near atop the list of foreclosure-ridden states, lawmakers on Thursday began looking again at ways to speed up the handling of foreclosure cases that now can take two years or more to wind their way through the courts. Florida’s requirement that foreclosure cases go before a.

The controversial Florida law intended to whisk foreclosures through court has instead led thousands to pile up, prolonging the agony of the.

Florida has set up foreclosure-only courts to reduce a huge backlog, of the Florida Legislature's new effort to cut the number of foreclosures.