Gingrich beats Romney in South Carolina

This poll suggests that Gingrich’s momentum picked up after his victory in the South Carolina GOP primary on January 21. While he and Romney are statistically tied, Gingrich beat the former.

But even Newt Gingrich-a man who had so little respect and interest in the. process he showed up hours late to his own South Carolina victory party and. support and topple Romney,” Bloomberg Businessweek reports.

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 · However, so does Mitt Romney, and current polling (taken well before South Carolina, though) shows Romney more likely to do so than Gingrich, and even Rick Santorum could probably beat Obama. That actually argues against the debates having much of.

 · Romney advisers acknowledge that Gingrich may have recorded the same sort of gains this week in Florida, the next critical state on the calendar, as he’s shown in South Carolina. After the debate, Gingrich suggested to CNN that he intends to fight on even if Romney wins South Carolina.

South Carolina poll: Gingrich triumphs over Romney. Newt Gingrich has convincingly beaten Mitt Romney in South Carolina’s primary election, the latest leg in the battle to be the Republican candidate in November’s US presidential poll. With almost all votes counted, Mr Gingrich had 40% to Mr Romney’s 28%. Mr Romney was widely seen as.

Newt Gingrich has romped home to a stunning victory in the South Carolina primary, easily overcoming frontrunner Mitt Romney and setting the stage for a bitter and prolonged battle for the.

 · south carolina republican presidential primary. 2008 South Carolina Primary on December 31, Date Sample MoE Gingrich Romney Paul Santorum Perry Spread; Final Results—–

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I'm calling it for Mitt Romney: He is about to beat Newt Gingrich. Ron Paul (R- Texas), Gingrich, and Rick Santorum are doing so reluctantly.

What they show is that Gingrich beat Romney soundly across the board. Between all this and the wave of momentum and free media coverage he’ll enjoy coming out of South Carolina, the former speaker,

 · Well although Gingrich is as you so brashly put it owning Romney it is still highly unlikely Gingrich could beat Mitt Romney for the candidacy because on super Tuesday he needs a lot more funding then he currently has and if he wins the nomination he will need even more money to stand a chance against Obama.