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Bruce’s accent has changed. Especially in his singing. For years he adopted the infamous country-influenced ‘twang’. Although he seems to have dropped it ever since The Promise was released. Maybe listening, and in many cases adding vocals to, his old material has reconnected him to his older style.

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Natalie (played by Laura Tebbutt) , a greasy mechanic who has lost her mum and lives with. He only has to look at a broken juke box and it’s fixed. It’s the music within him. He has great lines.

Lonesome, restless, tortured souls in search of something they are most always never destined to find are what Bruce has always done best. Throw in Mid and Wild West landscapes, an isolated Mex Tex juke box oasis and a deserted motel and Bruce is like the proverbial pig in shit with his creative juices running as wild as they’ve ever been.

Some Highlights: Setting up an automatic savings plan that saves a small amount of every check is one of the best ways to save without thinking too much about it.greasy emulating: lasses Jukes You say you use cuticle oil but perhaps try dr.hauschka neem nail Oil, a traditional indian product that has helped many frail-nailed lasses. 25 for 30ml.

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jam sessions and socializing on the Sunday before classes begin. also tackle how to translate the 'feel' of the grease, the groan and the growl.. guitar gods to the rockin' roar of juke joint masters like Elmore and Frankie. arrange/perform them as a solo artist with tools such as emulating the bass.

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happy new year from sound projections and the panopticon review and a joyous hello to 2015! All, I hope you enjoyed the eighth week issue (December 20-26) of SOUND PROJECTIONS , the new online quarterly music magazine which featured the multitalented musician, composer singer, songwriter, arranger, dancer, and ensemble leader JANELLE MONAE.