Home Buying 101: 6 Tips to Qualify for a Mortgage When You Are Self-Employed


  1. – If you are self employed less than two years and cannot meet the requirements above, we can still help you to get a self employed home loan. If you are looking for a mortgage with seasonal income, this is also a great options since the bank deposits are averaged over the year.

    Credit 101: Everything You Need to Know About Credit, Credit History, and Credit Scores – “It’s not just about buying big purchases like cars and houses,” Game says. “Your credit score is also used for any type of loan you apply for, credit cards. In terms of credit cards and car and.

    Tips For Picking The Best Mortgage Lenders | How to Pick a. –  · Tips for choosing a home inspector – Learn how to pick a great home inspector. Other Home Buying Articles Worth Reading. Should I go with a mortgage lender or local bank via Kevin Vitali. What is the best mortgage for the self-employed via Kyle Hiscock. Use these additional home buying resources to make sound decisions with your purchase.

    When trying to obtain a mortgage as a self-employed worker, your credit score matters. Make sure your credit score is in top shape when you apply for a mortgage, and if you can wait to pay off a significant amount of debt before applying, do so. It also pays to check your credit report carefully to.