How to hire Millennials in today’s aging mortgage industry

There’s little doubt that Millennials are the future (of our nation!) and for the mortgage lending industry, but the question is how can today’s mortgage lenders, unions attract these professionals for key positions? Doing so can provide ample opportunity. Keep in mind that Millennials are more tech savvy.

Study claims Millennials experience 'financial awakening' at age 33 The construction industry is facing a crisis of sorts. Its workforce is aging faster than any other industry in the country, and construction companies nationwide are looking to fill multiple positions. There’s one group that industry leaders are hoping will turn it all around – the millennials.

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Here’s the business case for hiring and retaining workers 50. and richer, deeper industry knowledge. According to a study conducted by The Center on Aging and Work at Boston College, 46.3 percent.

Tips for Successfully Attracting, Retaining and Developing Female Millennials . As more and more millennial women rise up the ranks in the traditionally male-dominated mortgage industry, we will see a huge shift not only in the number of women in leadership roles, but in mortgage industry culture as well.

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The company’s First Flyer program trained more than 100 loan officers in 2015, and the company anticipates hiring at least 1,000 more mortgage professionals this year as the program expands to new.

To encourage this new industry, the state imposed few regulations – no requirements for a minimum level of employees or even, for many years, liability insurance. Today. the DSHS Aging and.

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