More Prime Foreclosures; More Re-Defaults

Preparation Is Key. The best way to qualify for a home loan with a foreclosure on your credit report is to immediately begin rebuilding your credit. Sub-prime lenders would approve mortgages for credit scores as low as 580 in this past, but this is no longer the case..

Luxury Units in Brisbane, Australia, Growing in Popularity Seven apartments at the A$100 million (US$69.07 million) luxury development The Oxlade sold within days, demonstrating the desire for prime.

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More Prime Foreclosures In Our Future The mortgage bankers association noted that a record 12%, or 1 in 8 homeowners, in the US are now behind on their payments or in foreclosure. 10.6% of the mortgages in Florida are now somewhere in the process of actual foreclosure.

Nearly four out of ten subprime ARM loans are a month or more late, or in foreclosure. And subprime arms account for 39% of the loans that fell into foreclosure during the quarter. Prime fixed-rate.

John Mauldin has another interesting weekly letter called This Way There Be Dragons. Here’s a look at the section on housing. Emphasis mine. "Yesterday Fitch ratings estimated that up to 75.

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 · Moreover, Fitch estimates 75 percent of the modifications now being done through the administration’s Making Home Affordable program will re-default in six months to a year. Please see More Prime Foreclosures; More Re-Defaults for details. Subprime Resets. Here’s the good news: The Wave of Resets from Subprime Loans Is Mostly Behind Us.

Foreclosure Rates by Race/Ethnicity-Prime Loans…..10.. and more than three million are at risk of losing their homes.. 13 Pre- foreclosure refers to loans that are in default where the lender has issued a.

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About 5 million to 7 million properties are potentially eligible for foreclosure. said. More than 75 percent of the borrowers who are now seriously delinquent — meaning they have missed at least.

The delinquency rate for prime mortgages over 60 days behind more than doubled from the first quarter of 2008 (1.1%) to the fourth (2.4%) while serious delinquencies for Alt-A mortgages jumped from 5.18% to 9.1%. For context, the serious delinquency rate for subprime mortgages was 10.75% in the first quarter of 2008 (16.4% in the […]

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