Non Judicial Foreclosure Coming to Florida?

The process varies from state to state, but generally takes one of two paths: judicial foreclosure or nonjudicial foreclosure. In a judicial foreclosure state, the lender has to file a lawsuit in court in order to foreclose. In a nonjudicial foreclosure state, the lender can foreclose without going through the court system.

In so-called judicial states, foreclosures must be processed through the courts, while in so-called non-judicial states. court system to process the explosion in foreclosure cases in a timely.

Management Companies, Home Owners Associations, Developers and Lenders are now able to obtain clear title on abandoned or delinquent inventory, death and divorce. As opposed to traditional foreclosure methods, the non-judicial foreclosure results can be much faster, inexpensive, and efficient.

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The group wants Florida to join the other 37 states with non-judicial foreclosure proceedings, which the bankers say would ease the crisis of backlogged cases the state faces – by some estimates approaching 800,000 this year. In 2009, the state’s foreclosure rate climbed higher with nearly 400,000 filings.

When a mortgage loan is in default, the mortgage lender can start the foreclosure proceedings on the property. There are basically two types of foreclosures: judicial foreclosure and non-judicial.

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However, this is a 30% decline from a year ago. The states with the highest foreclosure percentages are the judicial states, like Florida, New Jersey, and New York. Non-judicial states have largely.

The Florida Senate Issue Brief 2011-201 October 2010 Committee on Banking and Insurance NON-JUDICIAL FORECLOSURES. Statement of the Issue Florida has one of the highest foreclosure rates in the country. the mortgage bankers associationaccording to ,

Judicial and non-judicial foreclosures. A lender that wants to foreclose on your home has two foreclosure options: judicial and non-judicial. A judicial foreclosure is processed through the courts; some states require lenders to use this process. A non-judicial foreclosure is handled outside the court system.

Florida has one of the longest foreclosure. 20 judicial states – states that require foreclosures to funnel through the courts before becoming official. According to LPS, ""The pipeline ratio in.

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That was up from an average 599 days in July and 478 days in August 2010 for homes that had received a notice of foreclosure and weren’t sold or repossessed by banks, according to the Jacksonville,