Records of the Work Projects Administration [WPA]

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Johnson released the list of projects for which the group has received applications. The projects range from historic.

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The Senate Finance Committee approved a federal tax bill july 29 containing $400 million for a pilot project that. Roosevelt`s Works Progress Administration, which employed nearly 8 million people.

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Record Group 69 – Records of the Works Progress Administration (WPA) Please click on the National Archives Identifier (NAID) to go to the full records description in the National Archives Catalog. The work projects administration (WPA) provided jobs to unemployed workers on public projects sponsored by federal, states, or local agencies. African Americans were involved in many of these work relief projects.

The State Archives holds selected records of the Work Projects (formerly Works Progress) Administration or WPA. These are largely research files, record surveys and other materials produced by the New Jersey Writers Project.

A preliminary inventory, the Records of the Federal Writers’ Project Work Projects Administration, 1935-44, was compiled by Katherine H. Davidson, in 1953. The American Guide File, the largest series, includes research data and drafts of writings which went into producing state guide books.

This series consists of correspondence and reports relating to Works Progress Administration (WPA) and successor Work projects administration (wpa) projects of potential military importance under terms of the Emergency Relief Appropriation Act, forwarded to various branches of the War Department for comment and recommendations.

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A BETTER WEST VIRGINIA Works Progress Administration (WPA), also called (1939-43) Work Projects Administration, work program for the unemployed that was created in 1935 under U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt’s New Deal.Although critics called the WPA an extension of the dole or a device for creating a huge patronage army loyal to the Democratic Party, the stated purpose of the program was to provide useful.