Sharon’s Eclectic Retreat

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Review by Sharon Lanzer from United States. As a newcomer to the group, I entered Sharon’s home full of insecurity – afraid to expose my tender underbelly. What I found was an inspirational and nurturing guide, a comfortable and deeply personalized sanctuary for creativity, and an eclectic circle of courageous and intuitive women.

. assists annually in several retreats abroad and maintains a private practice from his home on. Sharon Terry has an eclectic mix of training and experience. After a transformational experience in a workshop led by Chris, Sharon became a .

Sharon’s Eclectic Retreat.. Sharon’s Eclectic Retreat See more. topshop. embroidered cherry bucket Hat. Clamshell Facial Scrubbie Gift Set This one holds 9 scrubbies /coasters. Perfect to take as a thoughtful gift for someone in the hospital, a teacher, a co-worker. Works up quickly.

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Oaxaca Yoga Retreat – Yogascapes – This yoga retreat in Oaxaca represents the heart of Yogascapes, which is the deep exploration of the senses, a full expression of the heart, a saying yes to the world and all that it offers, using yoga as a tool, teacher, practice and common thread that brings good people together to explore the world.

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Sharon Marie 11 February, 2011 20:10 You’re a busy lady Lynn so just take your time. Most of the time I spend more time LOOKING at patterns and thinking about what I want to make than actually making anything.

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