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Middle-Class Misery: Housing Crisis Hitting Cities, Working Americans Harder Than Ever Before – Ten years after the great recession roiled the. income renters has enticed developers to buy older properties and fix them up in order to raise rents, depleting the stock of naturally occurring.

The Corrupt Politics of Low-Income Housing – The rent is too damn high-so each year Congress appropriates. each year in federal tax credits intended for developers of low-income housing. He has used this position to great effect, steering.

Compare Today's Rates | – Then, you divide the price of the home by its yearly earnings to get its price-to-rent ratio: 400,000 14,400 = 27.8, which is a very high value and a reliable indicator that you would be better off renting than buying the property.

Profiting off pain: Trump confidant cashed in on housing crisis – One of President Donald Trump’s closest friends and confidants took advantage of the Great Recession. of the housing bust and recovery,” Patrick Simmons, director of strategic planning for the.

The Wright Group at Movement Mortgage – – Mortgage Master Service Corporation . The Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) reported that home price rose by 0.6% in November from October while jumping 5.6% in the year ended in November. The numbers are based on data received from Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac mortgages. However, prices are 15.2% lower than the 2007 peak.

California’s housing crisis – it’s even worse than you think – Despite relatively low mortgage rates, exploding housing. increase in rent would result in an additional 2,000 homeless Los Angelinos. In 2016 rents grew an average of 4 percent there. Nearly a.

Home Buying 101: 6 Tips to Qualify for a Mortgage When You Are Self-Employed

Living Within Our Means – One of the great mistakes is to judge policies and programs. A major problem in New York City is housing. Why? Because of bad governmental policy. Rent control, which was continued in New York.

Interest Rates Hit New 12 Month Low!

The Road to Right-Size Cities – Flint, too, draws on these strategies and emphasizes greening vacant land in its master. group, began to buy and preserve plains land, along with the montana-based american prairie foundation, the.

Mortgage Masters Group: 2016 – The great housing debate: buying vs Renting With the tide in the market shifting and homeownership levels at 50-year lows, one could assume that changing financial considerations dictate that the average consumer would have a greater incentive to rent.

America's Debtor Prisons | Irvine Housing Blog – America’s Debtor Prisons. Welcome to the Great Housing Bubble mania. Today’s seller refinanced this property in July of 2005 for $787,000 taking out a whopping $350,500 cash. Now that the day of reckoning is at hand, if they get their asking price and pay a 6% commission, the shortfall will be $194,800. This is a recourse loan as it is a refi.