The Home Equity Theft Reporter: South Florida Man Gets 10 Years In Slammer In Straw Buyer, Identity Theft Mortgage Fraud

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The mortgage fraud scams alleged in the cases announced [last week] included, among other things, property flips, equity stripping, and appraisal and loan fraud. In one case, defendants operated a foreclosure rescue scheme, targeting individuals who were on the verge of losing their homes by tricking them into giving up the equity in the.

For a while, home prices soared, as did the number of homebuyers throughout the country, and especially in South Florida. With the willingness of financial institutions to lend, the economy seemed to be on the rise. Very few seemed to ac-knowledge that, like all trends, the real estate bubble would eventually burst. The result has placed the

 · 10. March 6, 2019. The Reporter. Sidney Man Pleads To Suboxone Sale, Sentenced To Drug Treatment Court By Lillian Browne DELHI – A Sidney man was sentenced to five years.

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It looks like Michael Martinez (the guy who lent the straw buyer $125,000 then got paid back $135,000 from the seller of the Oak avenue property) cut a deal back in June and is now a free man! COOL! That leaves the man who was at the helm of this mortgage fraud disaster, John Romney and the attorney Delaila Estefano.

Man cited for impeding traffic’ during Pedalpalooza ride – That hasn’t happened in a few years, so perhaps it’s time to restart that dialogue. It’s too bad this incident occurred.. Yokohama, JapanThe Home equity theft reporter: Florida AG Gets Guilty Plea In Statewide Mortgage Fraud.

Home Equity Theft Reporter: The complaint and temporary restraining order sought novel relief that would bring all the individuals and entities that have a stake in the homes before the Court in an orderly process by which the damage caused by the defendants’ alleged fraud could be mitigated.

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Pending home sales in the South slipped 0.6% to a reading of 111.9, and are 6.4% below a year ago. The index in the West declined 2.9% in April to 88.4, and is 15.0% below April 2013. Looking ahead