Trouble Ahead For The U.S. Housing Market

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 · Morgan Stanley sees trouble brewing for Australia’s housing market this year. supply of around 225,000 is running ahead of demand at around 185,000.”. a pretty downbeat period for.

Trouble ahead for the housing market. Sales volumes contract, mortgage bankers and realtors get laid off. Then the last year’s (in retrospect) really crappy mortgages start defaulting, the mortgage-backed bonds that contain their paper plunge in price, et voila, we’re back in 2008.

Real estate speculation via house "flipping" was another early sign of trouble ahead. 2. A few days later, news arrived that home prices in the Bronx had shot up by an astonishing 30% in the.

The U.S. housing market is in trouble again, and as crazy as it sounds, it won’t surprise me to see home prices decline soon. Here are three reasons why: Existing-home sales have been declining.

Stage Two’s deluge of supply sets the table for US housing bubble Stage Three by soaking up the remaining demand and changing the tenor of the market. Deals get done at the asking price instead of way above, then at a little below, then a lot below.

Peppy real estate agents and gloomy stock-market traders alike eagerly embrace that supposition. To be sure, an end to the precipitous collapse that triggered a foreclosure avalanche and wiped out.

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Housing Market Signaling Trouble Ahead For U.S. Economy? Today’s second-quarter GDP report is expected to deliver upbeat news about the US economy. Wobbly housing data may be telling a different story.

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via Adem Tumerkan @ Many of you know that I haven’t been exactly bullish on the U.S. housing market – especially the construction stocks. That’s why in early March I wrote about and recommended betting against the home builders (you can read that here and see how we structured it).

How has the affordable housing crisis evolved in the U.S. in 2018?. of states are in too much financial trouble to be able to expand incentives.. the affordable housing market in 2019? Any.

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There’s more trouble ahead for home buyers, home builders, and especially homeowners who took out home-equity lines of credit before the housing crisis. Those heydays have turned into haymakers.