Trump plans official launch of re-election campaign in mid-June – sources – The Nation Newspaper — AFROINSIDER

It’s been five months or so and Team Trump hasn’t gotten around to staffing most of their own administration, but Donald Trump is already holding his first re-election fundraiser. It’s tonight.

U.S. President Donald Trump’s re-election campaign ended 2017 with $22 million in cash helped by $6.9 million in contributions in the fourth quarter of the year, his campaign announced on Wednesday.

Trump unveils re-election slogan that works for 2018, too. the nation’s attention and energy would be focused on removing Trump from office via impeachment, not on keeping the gains that.

Trump’s re-election campaign raises m so far in 2018. His campaign spent over $3m in 2017 in legal fees. In addition to legal fees, he has also used that money to keep a small campaign staff, to fund campaign rallies and to pay for digital advertising focused on his supporters. Trump filed for re-election the day he took office, an unusual move for an incumbent president.

Republican officials are raising doubts about a President Donald trump 2020 run for re-election. Trump has been a fundraising powerhouse of late, but Sen. Rand Paul said on Sunday night that just.

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President Trump wasted no time raising money for his re-election campaign and The White House says that they ended the year with a whopping $22 million cash on hand for a 2020 bid. During the final quarter of the year, Trump’s team spent roughly $2.8 million – $1.1 million of that sum paid for legal fees, per a Reuters report .

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President Donald Trump officially premiered a new website for his 2020 re-election campaign, the New York Post reported Tuesday.

President Trump is expected to announce he’s going to run for reelection in 2020 – and he’s bringing his secret weapon with him. Brad Parscale is the digital guru who helped launch business.