Why Are Rocket Dockets No Longer Used In Foreclosure Cases?

BROOKLYN – kings county supreme Court is about to quietly dismiss thousands of foreclosure cases on Tuesday – in what lawyers say will deal a severe blow to homeowners with pending cases. The.

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Once the listing period expires, assuming the property hasn’t sold, the servicer will order a title search. The bank will generally only accept a deed in lieu of foreclosure on a first mortgage, meaning there must be no additional liens-like second mortgages, judgments from creditors, or tax liens-on the property.

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Considerations. You can stay in the house until the court orders you out. The downside to eviction is a permanent spot on your record. An eviction — on top of a foreclosure — makes it difficult to find a new place to live. Landlords are wary of leasing to tenants with a spotty rental history and past evictions.

ACLU Suit to Bar florida foreclosure rocket docket yesterday the ACLU filed a petition for a writ of prohibition in the Florida Court of Appeal, to enjoin the truncated procedures being used in Lee County to dispatch thousands of judicial foreclosure cases in Fort Myers.

Former newspaper publisher charged in $10 million mortgage fraud conspiracy That resulted in a $185 million penalty. dollar fraud. A partner at the firm, Tim Leissner, pleaded guilty to charges of conspiracy to commit money laundering and conspiracy to violate the Foreign.How Does the Government Shutdown Affect Getting a Mortgage? Local Florida Mortgage Broker Lakeland Leads Florida in Underwater Mortgages – LkldNow

The American Civil Liberties Union requested records from Florida courts to see if procedures for so-called "rocket dockets" violate due process. Lawsuits filed against three major lenders seek class action status, demanding titles be returned to ousted homeowners on properties taken by wrongful foreclosure.

Low Loan Rates Two More than a decade after a spike in real estate delinquencies helped cause the Great Recession, the national mortgage delinquency rate has dropped to its lowest level in 18 years. by natural.